SHU(蜀), the other name of sichuan province, southwest of china, has a long established culinary culture and staple. the fierce sichuan cuisine distinguishes itself with the widespread use of chilli aND SICHUAN PEPPER, TOGETHER WITH its intricate COOKING TECHNIQUES, it leaves the impression of brave-hearted, iron-stomached and gastronomically courageous. 

shu in melbourne's inner north, has adopted this dynamic food culture of its hometown and innovated the spectrum with a contemporary twist. taking inspirations from the traditional sichuan flavours, using only the freshest, seasonal and local produce, Shu represents the modern version of the phenomenon sichuan cooking.

shu provides you an all sensory dining experience in a spacious Collingwood warehouse where eccentric LED/ neon lights lit up, quirky projections and eclectic ambiance music playing.

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