Fox Creek wines+ SHU restaurant vegan degustation

Once in a while we like to host a wine matching dinner with some of the most exciting local winemakers. In September we teamed up with a South Australian vegan vineyard, Fox Creek, to present a special 10 course vegan degustation.  We also invited the wine makers to come down and meet everyone at the dinner.


Dr Jim Watts, a specialist and professor of surgery and his wife Helen, a registered nurse, began their Fox Creek endeavours in 1984. They bought their property in McLaren Vale and start planting vines on the black clay soils. The vines thrived, bearing exceptionally high quality fruit. Highly sought after, the fruit was sold to wineries around the region. 10 years later, the transition from growers to winemakers began. Their ethic has always been respect for the land, a belief in using sustainable practices, and a focus on producing outstanding vegan-friendly wines in their vineyard. 


Shu has been cooking provincial Chinese vegan cuisine for nearly 4 years. The pursuit of clean and delicious modern Chinese vegan cooking motivates us to collaborate with more and more dedicated people in the industry. At this dinner we presented a range of new vegan dishes to represent the dynamic Sichuan cooking style. Beautiful wines and food floated down our long dining table all night, accompanied by Fox Creek Wines vegan winemaking stories.


Friday 8th September 7pm, $125 per head.